Sep 16, 2010

World Alzheimer's Day - 2010 - You are invited !!

Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings from Nightingales Medical Trust!!

21st September is World Alzheimer’s Day! To commemorate this day we too in Bangalore have been creating awareness about Alzheimer’s in our own way every year. People from all walks of life, viz., patients, families, caregivers, social workers, professionals, students, corporates, and socially conscious public have been participating in these programs to show their support for the cause.

The theme for this year is “Dementia: Its time for action!” Nightingales along with ARDSI Bangalore Chapter is jointly organizing the World Alzheimer’s Day and is launching two ID tracking systems, a Bracelet for elders with Dementia who are at high risk of wandering and a mobile tracking system for healthy elders with high risk of falls or if they are alone at home.

The Governor, His Excellency Shri Hans Raj Bhardwaj has very kindly accepted to be the Chief Guest for the day and will launch the ID Tracking System.

There is also a workshop cum interactive session on ‘Dementia - Risk Reduction’ which will be inaugurated by Shri Gopal Hosur, Additional Commissioner of Police (Law & Order), Guest of Honor for the day.

For an illness for which we have yet to find a cure or means to prevent, anything and everything that can be done to support the patient and the caregiver must be done. As a result of memory loss, a lot of senior citizens are lost causing untold anxiety and grief to the caregiver and to themselves. There is as yet no structured system of registration of details of elders at risk of wandering and a streamlined approach for their safe return. We hope that the bracelet system to be launched on the day will be a start to keeping track of those at risk and being able to reunite them with their families. There is an initial charge for the bracelet but the services thereafter will be provided free of cost.

The workshop will focus on what may be helpful in reducing the risk of developing Dementia. It will involve experts who will present their views on holistic therapies, physical and mental exercises, medical risk factors and mental well being.

The program for the day will be held at Nightingales Center for Ageing and Alzheimer’s, Kasturinagar, Bangalore between 10:30 am and 4 pm.

Kindly call on 080 42426565 and register for the workshop in advance (because of limited seating facilities).We would be happy to provide any further details if required.

Yours sincerely

Dr Radha Murthy

Managing trustee, Nightingales Medical Trust